Time is ticking – entrance examinations are approaching!

Are you finding marking schemes for the past papers of your dream UK schools?
Do you have a stack of unchecked papers that your child has completed?

11plusconnect.com is a great online companion for parents and children preparing for the 11+, 13+ and 16+ tests. We have a huge collection of school entrance test papers, including many top independent and grammar schools in the country.

Hi there! My daughter used 11plusconnect.com prepare for her 11+ tests. The collection is excellent and she has achieved multiple offers. She was able to choose the school that suits her best. She is very happy in her new school. Thank you.

~ Karen

After registration, you can download papers from our comprehensive database. You can also purchase marking credits for a complete marking by our experienced tutors.

In three simple steps:
Step 1: Download papers
Step 2: Upload the completed papers
Step 3: Receive the marked papers within five days